Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hi Skot A'kum....and Namaste, thanks for ur mail....I dont know how go to our blog...please advice, B4 I forget....Congrats to Hassan on his promotion

As i said i am now in New Delhi attending Strategic and security studies at National Defence College. I am now on my 2nd Module on Economic, Science and Technology.

1st module was On Socio-political studies. Every module will end up with a visit to any state in india to have a close look and the practicality of what we heard and learned. As a whole the course is excellent but the life is terrible nad miserable.

I am now towards the end of my 2nd module and will embark to Internal Security module by next week..Then in middle of may i was selected with another 13 officers to visit Argentina and Mexico...

Delhi is in summer now and u knowlah how is Indian summer....burning! As i said life is so terrible and u can immagine how much i missed m'sia...anyway i will take a short break from 26 may to 8 june to M'sia...if there is any gathering during that period please let me know so that i can continue my interactions with all the dearest skot! Please inform all the skots that i am in delhi...incase anybody come to delhi..dont hessitate to inform me! much so from me..hope to hear from u and regards to all skots. Dont forget to advice me how to get access to Regular 21 website or blog.
Thanks and W'salam


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